SQP Working with Children and Young People

Organisations working with Children and Young people have additional responsibilities to take into consideration when working towards SQP quality assurance accreditation.  In tandem with working through the generic SQP quality assurance EWB will support organisations to work through SafeNetworks four core safeguarding standards:

Safer staff and volunteers - recruitment, induction and supervision

Child Protection

Preventing and responding to bullying

Avoiding accidents and running safe activities and events

The New Standards Xtra Cover (2013/14):

Recording and storing information

Sharing information and working with other agencies.

Download your copy of the Safe Networks Core Standards here - contact us to see how you can use SQP in line with Safe Network Core standards to achieve your acreditation.

Organisations are encouraged to work through the SafeNetwork self assessment tool, which is based on the four core safeguarding standards, prior to embarking on the standard to highlight any gaps and areas of good practice. Click here to access the online self assessment tool.

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