SQP - Gold

Simple Quality Protects offers small voluntary groups a set of consistent processes to help them achieve the foundations of quality and safeguarding enabling small groups to focus on the content that matters rather than the makework administration of recreating policiy documents from scratch.

SQP is a progressive programme, Gold is the third stage and SQP Gold groups will work through the following:

  1. Achieved or walking towards Charitable status
  2. Annual Plan
  3. Funding Plan
  4. Complaints Policy
  5. Quality Assurance
  6. Evaluation
  7. User Involvement
  8. Variety of Services
  9. Links to Professional/National Bodies
  10. Staff and Volunteer Induction Pack & Volunteer Policy
  11. Staff Trainng Plan

For groups to achieve SQP Gold standard acreditation you will be able to produce documentation to evidence each area of the standard and be able to demonstate clear understanding by all board members, staff and volunteers.

EWB will be on hand to support organisations to achieve a successful outcome.

Once SQP acreditation has been achieved an anuual review programme will be put into place.