The Childwick Trust

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Grants for charities which offer care and support in the South and South East of England for those who are seriously ill; have a disability; vulnerable and isolated older people; addressing the welfare of those in need within the racing industry; Jewish charities; and charities in South Africa.

Value Notes

The majority of grants in the disability, older people and serious illness category typically range between £5,000 and £30,000.

No minimum or maximum amount is specified in the Jewish Charities, Racing World or Education in South Africa categories.

The Fund receives around 600 applications a year of which only 25% are generally successful.

Extended Description

The Childwick Trust Grant is provided and administered by the Childwick Trust and is available for registered charities active in the UK and small local charities within Hertfordshire.

The scheme is intended to support organisations who are involved in the area of health, particularly to assist disabled people of all ages and care of older people.

The other grants categories are: Jewish Charities; Racing World; and Education in South Africa.

Latest Information

Applications may only be submitted between the months of April and May and between October and November.

Key Criteria

Charities registered with the Charity Commission and that are working for the benefit of people in the South and South East of England can apply.

The Childwick Trust currently only funds charities with a direct impact in the following counties:

  • Bedfordshire
  • Berkshire
  • Buckinghamshire
  • Cambridgeshire
  • Essex
  • Gloucestershire
  • Hertfordshire
  • Hampshire
  • Kent
  • London and Greater London
  • Norfolk
  • Northamptonshire
  • Oxfordshire
  • Suffolk
  • Sussex
  • Surrey
  • Wiltshire

Eligible Expenditure

Grants are available for projects which fall under one of the following four themes:

Disability, older people and serious illness

The Trust has a strong emphasis on helping charities which offer care and support for people who are terminally ill, or have a serious illness, older people, adults and children who have mental health problems or a learning disability. The Trust gives help to both children and adults with physical disabilities and offers funding towards specialist equipment, respite care, holidays, education and core costs. Funding is available for the following:

  • Both adult and children's Hospices, specifically those based in the South East of the UK. Funding is given to all aspects of hospice care including running costs.
  • Older people who are vulnerable, isolated and in need. Funding is offered towards respite for carers, general care and support plus specialist equipment. Applications from National organisations and charities will only be considered for the benefit of people in the South East of England.
  • Organisations who offer care and support for ex-servicemen and women who have been injured or traumatised from past and recent conflicts.
  • Support for specialist equipment, salaries which are related to nursing and general care. The Trust will consider funding towards some building and refurbishment costs but only once the appeal has reached at least half of the total budget.

Medical research projects form only a small part of projects that are funded.


Funding is available for the welfare of those in need within the racing industry. This is generally aimed at older people, people who are retired or injured and those on a low income plus young people who need support.

Other applications outside this area may be considered as long as it is related to either the welfare of people in the industry or connected to the welfare of Thoroughbred Race Horses.

Jewish Charities

Support is available for charities which promote the Jewish faith and help Jewish people in need, including older people, disabled adults and children, and young people.

South Africa

Funds are mainly given to early childhood development projects. The Trust also provides funding for South African residents to promote education through Charitable Institutions in South Africa and the UK


The following exclusions apply:

  • Organisations that have received a donation from the Trust in the previous two years.
  • Complementary health and therapy projects.
  • Charities offering legal advice.
  • Charities offering counselling.
  • Hospices outside the South East of England.
  • NHS Hospitals and other statutory bodies.
  • Universities – academic research, scholarships and bursaries.
  • Homeless charities.
  • Projects related to drugs or alcohol addiction.
  • HIV/Aids related projects.
  • Charities which are part of a wider network ie Age UK, Mind, Mencap etc., only those who are based within the South East can apply.
  • Individuals or organisations applying on behalf of an individual (other than in relation to South African educational grants).
  • Students seeking sponsorship for educational or gap year projects.
  • Animal charities, unless they are connected to Thoroughbred Racehorses.
  • National appeals.
  • Conferences, seminars and workshops.

Larger charities with widespread support are less likely to be considered unless they support local causes in Hertfordshire/Bedfordshire.

Application Procedure


Application forms are available to complete online at the Trust's website only during the months of April and October.

Applications outside of these time periods will not be accepted.

Contact the Childwick Trust for further information.

Addresses and contacts

Application forms may be available to download on their website.

Contact details:
Mrs Karen Groom
The Childwick Trust
9 The Green
Childwick Bury
St. Albans
Telephone:01727 844666