The Importance of understanding your donors

Thursday 21 June 2018     19:00 - 20:30

Nonprofits need to understand the mind of their donors! Your charity does amazing work and is a valuable resource for the community it serves. But without funds your charity cannot function. But how many times have you reached out to potential donors only to be met with disappointment? Until you know your donors you don't know what it is you need to say to reach them. This course has been developed to help teach you how to know who your donors are in order to get people to hear your message. Andrew Middleton is a Charity consultant and mentor, specialising in implementing income generation systems for charities and mentoring charity CEO's and Trustees. Andrew has designed a condensed version of one of his day courses to help charities understand their donors. Nonprofits need to understand the mind of their donors in order to know how to get them to donate. We are very grateful Andrew has donated his time to help us convey this important message to help bridge the gap between charities and their donors. 


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